The Amazing Spider-Man Stretchy Web Shooter & Mask

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The Amazing Spider-Man Stretchy Web Shooter & Mask
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Are you ready to battle just like SPIDER-MAN? You can with the Stretchy Web Shooter and Mask! Feel just like your wall-crawling hero when you pull on the red and blue mask that hides your identity. When you strap on the Stretchy Web Shooter youll be locked and loaded to sling stretchy webs in your battle against evildoers everywhere!
The Stretchy Web Shooter straps onto your wrist. Trigger it with your middle two fingers, just like SPIDER-MAN! Fire 3 stretchy webs at your target! Pull on the mask to look just like SPIDER-MAN! Includes mask, shooter and 3 web projectiles.

Ages 5 and up. CAUTION: Do not aim at eyes or face. TO AVOID INJURY: Use only webs designed for this product. Do not modify webs or launcher.
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The Amazing Spider-Man
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Roleplay Toy
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