The Walking Dead Horde 2 Wrist Watch

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The Walking Dead Horde 2 Wrist Watch
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From Vannen Watches. At the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, Vannen Watches joined forces with Skybound Entertainment to release 'Horde,' a limited edition Walking Dead wristwatch featuring glow-in-the dark detail and artwork by Charlie Adlard. 'Horde' was a huge success at SDCC, but was never available in stores. The Walking Dead fans demanded more, so Vannen and Skybound teamed up again to release, 'Horde 2.' This new watch features the same sinister artwork as the original 'Horde' watch minus the glow-in-the-dark detail and hand-numbered packaging. Created specially to meet demand of the fans, 'Horde 2' is now available as open edition at a lower, fan-friendly price. Wrist Size: Medium-Large (8 1/2' maximum).
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