Toy Story Woody's Roundup Television Set

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Toy Story Woody's Roundup Television Set
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In Toy Story 2, Woody finds out that before he was ever one of Andys favorite toys, he was the star of his own TV series. Beloved by millions of children, Woodys Roundup followed the Wild West adventures of Sheriff Woody and his co-stars Bullseye the horse, Jessie the cowgirl, and Stinky Pete the Prospector. Now you can commemorate Woodys history with the D23 exclusive Woodys Roundup! Just like in the TV show, we feature a marionette Woody in black and white that you can move like a puppet. Also included are 3 interchangeable backgrounds showing key scenes from the show. And as a final nod to the series, the package is styled like an old-fashioned television set.
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