Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock Exclusive Action Figure

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Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock Exclusive Action Figure
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Weakness offends Grimlock. He considers none so weak as those who refuse to use their full strength to command victories. As a result, he's never had much respect for Optimus Prime. He barely even considers himself and his Dinobots to be part of the Autobot army most of the time. He only grudgingly helps the heroic Autobots because the tyranny of Megatron offends him even more than weakness. He longs for the day when Optimus Prime makes a final mistake, leaving a vacancy that Grimlock will be more than happy to fill.
This is one Dinobot who cant wait to mix it up with his Decepticon enemies! Your Grimlock figure is a powerful Dinobot that comes armed with a double-barreled blaster and a sword that glows in battle! Can he wrest the crown of leadership from Optimus Prime (other figures sold separately)? He converts from Dinobot mode to raging dino mode, and his eyes change color in the heat of battle! Keep converting him from Dinobot to dino mode and back so he can handle whatever his enemies dish out!
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