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Variant Timeless Play Arts Kai Wild West Batman Action Figure

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Our dream team of designers, sculptors, and engineers has each poured their heart and soul into creating the original designs of the VARIANT PLAY ARTS KAI figures. The TIMELESS series is their newest endeavor.

Legends Exist Regardless of the Time

Through generations, there has always been a force of justice that agents of crime, chaos and evil have contended with. Every incarnation of Batman that existed throughout time stood as a beacon of hope and a reflection of the age it is a part of. Utilizing and innovating the technology available, Batman is ever vigilant even in lawless times. These figures provide a chance to see the concept of the vigilante we know now envisioned through intriguing epochs of time.

A Batman will always exist, as the Dark Knight is Timeless."

The idea behind this BATMAN is the combination of a western pioneer era cowboy meets DC Comics. Two icons that represent America come together in this VARIANT series.

From his cowboy hat to western boots, right down to his chaps, we have added as much of our own unique twist as possible to each piece of detail. Varying paint methods are applied to show the texture of the leather materials, as well as weathering from grit and dirt; the meticulous applications make a near-futuristic BATMAN blend right in to the good old days. Structural design and materials with movement and poseability in mind, a grapnel gun that can be stowed into his holster, and a tomahawk that can be stored on his shoulder or hip- it is as if the world of Sci-fi Western comes to life with this figure.

Figure also includes display stand and interchangeable hand parts.
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