Vatican: Unlock the Secrets of How Men Became Pope Board Game

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Vatican: Unlock the Secrets of How Men Became Pope Board Game
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When a pope dies, a complex and mysterious process parts of which date back 1800 years begins to fill the throne of St. Peter. Vatican, the board game, recreates the process of the worlds oldest election, a process with roots deep in the lives and careers of those cardinals who would aspire to the Papal office. Vatican, the board game, allows you the player to take the part of a cardinal and follow him through his life and career, through the run up to the election of a new Pope and finally, into the secret conclave of cardinals in the Sistine Chapel where the Pope is chosen. Vatican is a high-fidelity simulation of what it takes to become the leader of the Catholic Church. Vatican throws its players into the exciting ferment of issues, ambition, world politics, spiritual values and luck that make the election of the Pope both a rare and dramatic event. Vatican, the board game, asks you if you are smart enough and savvy enough and spiritual enough and lucky enough to win the votes of your Cardinal colleagues getting the answers to those questions is exciting, fun and probably the most enjoyable learning experience youre likely to have this year.

Vatican, the board game, allows you the chance to become Pope.

Vatican is a high quality board game that features the following:

1 large fold out game board
284 cards
1 plastic insert tray
6 cardinal game pieces
6 plastic stands
12 chips
4 red die with black dots
6 directions for play sheets
1 50 sheet scorepad
3.00 LBS
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Board Game
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