YuGiOh Hidden Arsenal 2 Booster Pack

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YuGiOh Hidden Arsenal 2 Booster Pack
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This 2nd set includes Monsters from 9, yup that's right 9 different Deck types, including the 1st to market "Jurrac" and "Fabled" monster types. Some key Monster highlights include: Naturia Beast, an Awesome new LV5 Synchro allowing you to send 2 cards off the top of your Deck to negate and destroy a Spell card, Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier , another insane LV6 Synchro that you can pump up like mad by returning cards you control on the field and adding x500 ATK for each card returned!... and last but not least Ally of Justice Field Marshall , need I speak of this LV9 Synchro Monster?! it's Monstrous ATK of 2900 will run through anything and when he destroys a face-down Defense Position monster you can draw 1 card.
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Hidden Arsenal 2
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Booster Pack