DC Justice League The New 52 Cyborg Action Figure

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DC Justice League The New 52 Cyborg Action Figure
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Star athlete-turned-superhero Cyborg. Vic Stone, is ready to join the big leagues - and your collection!
Cyborg - 7" h - Cyborg is encased inside a mechanical silver chassis, the left portion of his head/face fitted with a housing for a glowing red eye. The result of a desperate life-saving measure, Cyborg's enhancements and mechanical prosthetics imbue him with heightened strength, speed and durability, and an infrared eye; Cyborg is capable of interfacing with computer systems, and interchanging his default appendages for special weapons. In the 52 storyline, the nanomite-infused Cyborg is redesigned to include sleek, scalloped armor plating, and his history is altered so that he is a founding member of the Justice League.
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