Alhambra The Thiefs Turn Board Game Expansion #3

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Alhambra The Thiefs Turn Board Game Expansion #3
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The THIEVES allow players to take cash cards of a certain currency from the display when it is not their turn. Afterwards, however, the thief is discarded.

The FLYING TRADER awakens the palace of Alhambra to life and draws new inhabitants into the palace building. These inhabitants bring additional points when scoring, but not each inhabitant is willing to enter every palace.

The WALLS enable the players to extend the building of their city walls or close holes in already built walls. In addition, players may use wood for speedy wall building, when they choose.

MAKING CHANGE brings small coins in the game. When a player overpays for building, he player gets change back in the smaller coins, which he may use when paying for purchases later in the game.
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