Bella Sara Summer Camp Booster Pack

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Bella Sara Summer Camp Booster Pack
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Summer Camp is a traveling adventure. Every ten years the families and horses of North of North gather for a great journey to explorethe wonders outside Canter Hollow. The summer holiday is the backdrop for campfires, storytelling, and the amazing Travelers whose wagons accompany them on their trek. Emma and her friends will discover the mystery of Herd Mustang, whichdisappeared a thousand years ago.Enter your secret codes at to play with dazzling new horses online. The more secret codes you enter, the more horses, adventures, and Horseshoes you will earn! With every activation, you get to play fun games, adopt your own horse,decorate your world, and more.24 packs per box, each card pack contsins 5 random horse, character, and/or story cards, 1 sticker card, and 1 Ticket card with a secret code.
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Summer Camp
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