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BrickArms Zombie Survivor Battle Kit Exclusive 2.5-Inch Weapons Pack

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BrickArms are not life-size, they are designed to be used with mini figures. They do not fire and contain no moving parts.


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Make sure your figures have the gear to survive a zombie breakout! Use the M21 to take out zombies from a distance. The SABR and ABR are great for taking them out when they're close. Give them a crossbow and the tactical sword for a silent kill. If your figures happens to lose his hand, strap a bayonet to his arm with a rubber u-clip. This is the ultimate survival pack for your minifigures!
Our Zombie Survivor Battle Kit includes the following:
-Gray Lego Crossbow
-Brown SABR Shotgun
-Black M21
-Silver Rubber U-Clip
-Silver Bayonet
-Black Combat Knife
-Black ABR
-Black Tactical Sword
-Black M1911
Out of Stock
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