Bruce Lee MAD Toy Designs Temple of Kung Fu Series 1 Mystery Pack

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Bruce Lee MAD Toy Designs Temple of Kung Fu Series 1 Mystery Pack
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Bruce Lee: martial artist, actor, and action figure. Okay, you probably dont lump that third one in when talking about the legend. But thanks to an exclusive collaboration between Round 5 and toy designer Jeremy Madl (known in the community as MAD), you can now add a considerably more adorable rendition of Lee to your collection. The Round 5 Bruce Lee X MAD figure collection marks the debut of Bruce Lees Temple of Kung Fu assortment of 28 3-inch figures, available via blind box at select retailers this summer. If your standard every day Brucie isnt enough, the collection will also feature chase figures with alternate colorings, costumes, and other goodies.

Damon Lau, president of Round 5, is just as psyched as we are:
There are so many different things to celebrate about Bruce Lee, the martial artist, the philosopher, the actor, but here we are just celebrating Bruce Lee the legend. Working with MAD on a brand like Bruce Lee has been incredible, his passion for the brand is so evident in the design of this collection, which is amongst the best weve ever created.

The Temple of Kung Fu figures look brilliant, bold, and ready for action, just like we expect from MAD after his previous projects. Are you going to be sampling a few?
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