Food Fight Card Game

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Food Fight Card Game
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Plan out your meal and prepare to battle your opponents. Enlist Major Weiner and Private Pancake to team up with Mean Burrito...but will they stand a chance against Bad-Ass Bacon? With Food Fight, up to six players draft entrees and side dishes to build a meal that will devour the competition. As their "troops" go into battle, garnishes and condiments can provide back up. But beware: if a Dog enters the melee, your meal could be in jeopardy!

Amazing new draft mechanic is quick to learn, keeps the game fresh, and gives every round a new and interesting twist.

Simple but addictive card abilities keep the action alive as you discover hundreds of hilarious and powerful combos. Features stunning production quality and full-color art with more than 50 unique images...each more hilarious than the last!

Content Summary:
* 121 Food Troops
* 18 Powerful Product Mascot Cards (think Captain Crunch)
* 16 Condiment Cards (Sugar, Pepper, Mustard, etc)
* 8 Dog Cards (the ultimate problem solver!)
* 18 Plate Tokens (6 sets of 3 Meals [Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner])
* 27 Battlefield Cards (meal victory point cards)
* 9 After-dinner mint tokens (for scoring)
* And a 3-D Food Fight Sign Standee. Looks great sitting on the table as you play!

Ages: 15+
Number of Players: 2 to 6
Playing Time: 20 minutes
1.00 LBS
Cryptozoic Entertainment
Product Type:
Card Game
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