Iron Man 2 Movie Series Iron Man Mark VI Micro Playset

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Iron Man 2 Movie Series Iron Man Mark VI Micro Playset
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On the bottom level of Tony Starks Southern California home lays the lab in which the Iron Man armor was created. There, Stark stores his old suits, and constantly works to improve the new ones. Sophisticated robots help him with the most delicate tasks, and assist him in suiting up to take off on his latest adventure!

This cool Iron Man character head holds a surprise inside a full mini playset! Set the mini Iron Man figure in place on the figure launching platform or send him up and down on the working elevator. Use the moving robot arm accessories to work on the other suit figures and test out the launching missile accessory for when enemies attack. The action is intense ,but the playset is compact just fold it back up and take you wherever your next adventure calls you!
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Iron Man 2
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Micro Playset
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