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Littlest Pet Shop Pets in the City Pet Families Collection Mini Figure 14-Pack

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Theres so much fun to be had with Littlest Pet Shop families! Collect four different animal families for a neighborhood of pets.
The black-and-white cat family includes mommy cat pet (Glossy Felinsky #319), daddy cat pet (Inkwell Felinksky #320) and three little kittens.
The baboon family includes daddy baboon pet (Beardley Baboon #324), whos busy taking care of his babies.
The sweet bear family is moving in, too, with mama bear (Odessa Orso #327) and her cubs (Owen Orso #328, Olin Orso #329).
And the dog family is howling into the neighborhood with daddy dog (Pilot Pawsdale #330) and his two puppies.
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