Mega Bloks Dora the Explorer Dora's Roller Coaster Adventure Set #3061

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Mega Bloks Dora the Explorer Dora's Roller Coaster Adventure Set #3061
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Explore the fairgrounds and ride the most popular amusement park attraction in town with Dora's Roller Coaster Adventure buildable playset! Fans can join Dora and Boots the Monkey as they recreate their favorite T.V. scenes or construct their own. Dora's Roller Coaster Adventure contains everything a Dora fan needs to have a great time with Dora and Boots as they ride the rollercoaster. Complete with balloons, decorative pillars, framework, coaster car and an elevated track that can be built and rebuilt however your child likes - it's sure to give fans of Dora and roller coasters a thrill!
Ideal for children ages 3 and up!
* Buildable playset allows for Dora and Boots to ride a roller coaster!
* Includes Dora figurine and Boots the Monkey
* Includes rebuildable elevated track and coaster car that Dora and Boots can really ride in
* Includes fair balloons, fair pillars and frames
* Fun on its own or combine with other Dora characters and playsets to further build and collect your World of Dora The Explorer by Mega Bloks!
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