NECA The Hunger Games District 12 Board Game

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NECA The Hunger Games District 12 Board Game
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The Hunger Games District 12 Strategy Board Game!
Experience Katniss' world!
District 12 Hunger Games frenzy!

Experience what Katniss goes through in 2012's The Hunger Games with this Hunger Games District 12 Strategy Board Game. In The Hunger Games, Katniss is a young woman who trades her own life so that her younger sister may live, Katniss is taken from her home and must train vigorously to keep from getting killed by the other young contestants before they battle each other to the death for the entertainment of the post-apocalyptic masses. As a resident of District 12 (the area where Katniss grew up) can you avoid The Reaping by using your wits to acquire food, clothing, medicine, and fuel or are you the one to be chosen? Outplay your opponents to avoid The Reaping! For 2-4 players.
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