World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Throne of the Tides Booster Pack

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World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Throne of the Tides Booster Pack
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Release your inner monster! Murloc, Naga, and Ogre heroes and allies are here!
The Aftermath: Throne of the Tides offers players a whole new way to experience the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Welcome the Monster faction to the Horde and Alliance mix. You can choose the traditional route and stick to your red or blue roots with new Alliance and Horde class heroes, or you can embrace your inner beast and get savage. Gilbins, Faceless Ones, Merciless Ones, and more await you in every pack. And you'll need their help in exploring the depths of the sea. In this set, the allies are bigger and beefier than ever before. The leviathan Ozumat is just one of the monstrosities from the deep that you'll come up with when you dive into a pack of Throne of the Tides.
Three new Loot cards supply your World of Warcraft character with the cosmetic upgrades that make everybody around you spam that print screen key, including the Wasteland Tallstrider mount.
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Throne of the Tides
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