WWE Wrestling Power Slammers Wrecking Brawl Mini Figure Playset

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WWE Wrestling Power Slammers Wrecking Brawl Mini Figure Playset
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In the WWE Money in the Bank match a briefcase hanging high atop the ring holds a contract which guarantees the winner a match against the reigning WWE champion at any place and at any time. The WWE Power Slammers Wrecking Brawl ring recreates the excitement of the WWE Money in the Bank match. Wind-up your WWE Power Slammers figures and actually see the action unfold just like on TV. The ring features a match starter on which figures can be set up before the match starts. Simply crank up the Power Slammers figures, hook them together and balance them on the match starter. Once kids press the button, the figures will start wrestling. You also can customize the action by placing the matcher start on the turnbuckles or on top of the structure, swing around the ring and taking out everything in sight. So grab your favorite WWE Superstar to find out who will come out on top and claim the briefcase. Play set includes the ring, super-structure, moveable match starter, ladder, Money in the Bank briefcase and one Power Slammers figure.
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