AllerMates Tree Nut Allergy Bracelet

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AllerMates Tree Nut Allergy Bracelet
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AllerMates tree nut allergy bracelets meet and exceed U.S. and European safety standards for children's products.

Designed with three, adjustable snaps, AllerMates allergy bracelets will fit the wrist size of most kids with food allergies ages 3+.

Measures 7" in length.

This bracelet is 100% latex free.

Tree nut allergy? Use one of these NUTSO nut allergy bracelets to keep your child safe when he or she is not in your care! This fun and fashionable accessory keeps kids with food allergies safe by serving as an important reminder to caretakers. Kids with food allergies can finally let loose and go NUTSO with this tree nut allergy bracelet!
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Allergy Bracelet