Axis & Allies Miniatures Expanded Rules

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Axis & Allies Miniatures Expanded Rules
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Add more depth and detail to your Axis & Allies Miniatures games with expanded rules that allow you and your opponent to engage in skirmish battles on a whole new level. The Axis & Allies Miniatures Expanded Rules Guide compiles the existing rules system along with expanded rules developed with the feedback and input of avid fans and strategy gamers. These new rules do not replace our existing rules set, but rather add a new dimension to existing game play. Battle Scenarios challenge players on either side of the battlefield, putting tactical skills and strategic planning to the test. Larger double-side battle maps feature highly detailed artwork and allow players to make use of maneuverability and tactical placement of their units.
The Expanded Rules Guide Contains: 48-page rulebook, including new, expanded rules for the Axis & Allies Miniatures Game , 8 New Battle Scenarios and 2 new full color, double sided, 21 x 30 hex maps with 3" hexes.
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Wizards of the Coast
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