Bella Sara Moonfairies Booster Pack

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Bella Sara Moonfairies Booster Pack
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New trading cards (classic and shiny)
45 Bella Sara magical horse and character cards
10 new story cards that make up one large story
Whimsical, new fairy horses and characters that come to life at
Secret codes that unlock fun games, adventures, horses, and more at
Each Card Pack contains 5 random horse, character, and / or story cards, 1 sticker card, and 1 Ticket card with a secret code. Travel to the far off meraldian Wilds to find the fairy, dryad, and sprite horses glowing with the moons quicksilver magic. Discover the fairy horses of Herd Moonfairy, take care of horses, go on adventures, and play fun games with a secret code found in each Card Pack. What adventures will your secret codes unlock?
Discover the second of the lost herds by learning new stories and unlocking secret codes on Collect new horse, character, and story cards, and continue the journey online.
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Booster Pack
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