Bella Sara Royalty Booster Pack

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Bella Sara Royalty Booster Pack
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Journey with Sara to discover the royal realms of Bella Sara!
Bella Sara Royalty introduces the noble herds, realms, and castles of North of North. Journey with Sara to discover each herd's noble traditions. Uncover a magical world of royal horses with positive messages for you. Explore fantastic realms and castles and meet Sara for the first time!
Bella Sara Royalty continues your journey into North of North on New Bella Sara Tickets enhance your journey like never before with just one code. Activating your Bella Sara Tickets online gives you more horses, horseshoes, and prizes!
Series Highlights:
* 49 Bella Sara magical horse cards
* Introduction of Sara, the goddess of horses
* 5 magical castles to collect
* NEW! Gold, silver, or copper ticket in each pack
* New stickers and tattoos
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Product Type:
Booster Pack