Bella Sara Spring Carnival Booster Pack

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Bella Sara Spring Carnival Booster Pack
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Spring Carnival celebrates the return of spring. The festival draws revelers from far away to watch the vibrant street performers including humans, horses, and a variety of magical friends - and delight in the music, puppetry, juggling, and acrobatics. Townfolk dress in their most colorful and elaborate costumes to welcome the season of new life. Children get a thrill as they ride the magical carousel, floating freely in the air on their carousel horses. The horses of Herd Pantheon dress up for the parade as well.
* - New trading cards (classic and shiny)
* Each Card Pack contains
* - 5 random horse, character, and/or story cards
* - 1 sticker card
* - 1 ticket card with a secret code
* Enter your secret codes at to play with dazzling new horses online.
* With every activation you get to play fun games, make new horse friends, decorate your world and more.
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Spring Carnival
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Booster Pack
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