Bome Volume 8 KOS-MOS PVC Statue

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Bome Volume 8 KOS-MOS PVC Statue
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Kaiyodo releases Mon-sieur Bome Collection Vol. 8 which features a version of KOS-MOS from the Xenosaga game. While not as beautifully sculpted and painted as the 1/8 scale variant of KOS-MOS from manufacturer Alta (which is also expected this week), the Mon-sieur Bome interpretation has its strengths. For one, KOS doesn't twist in the Bome version and stands straight, like a wooden plank, to allows for head-on viewing of her armor, arm coverings, and garters. From behind, KOS' blue locks flow in luxurious fashion. Similar to other Bome figures, KOS-MOS is tucked inside a standard blister pack with a mounting base for display purposes. A pistol is included for Kos-Mos to grip.
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Kaiyodo / Bome
Volume 8
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PVC Statue