BrickArms 42-Piece Custom 2.5-Inch Weapons Pack

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BrickArms 42-Piece Custom 2.5-Inch Weapons Pack
BrickArms are not life-size, they are designed to be used with mini figures. They do not fire and contain no moving parts.
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This custom 42 piece set consists of BrickArms and includes [weapons are black unless noted]: M16-DBR (Door Breaching), AC8, PSR, Combat SMG, ARC, 2 Combat Knives, M110, AK [Gunmetal], Bat [Brown], HCSR, Tactical PDW, Combat Shotgun [Gunmetal], Combat PDW, M16, M16-AGL, M1911 [Gunmetal], Assault Carbine, M21 [Titanium], M60 w/Ammo Can, 4 x Bipod, 4 x M67 Frag Grenades, 4 x M84 Stun Grenades, FMG, 2 M203, HAC, 2 Ammo Clips, 2 U-Clip, and RPG-7 [Gunmetal]. BrickArms are custom made toy weapons & accessories in 2.5 inch scale. Crafted using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools to allow for precise details, these pieces retain an artistic sculptural feel of the actual weapons. BrickArms are not actual weapons or actual life size. Each item is designed to be used with small scale (approximately 2.5 inch) mini or micro action figures. BrickArms are for pretend play and collecting. BrickArms do not actually fire or contain moving parts. Use BrickArms to enhance the look of your building block brick figures.
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