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BrickArms Desert Storm 2.5-Inch Weapons Pack

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BrickArms are not life-size, they are designed to be used with mini figures. They do not fire and contain no moving parts.

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Out of stock

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The heat of the dersert can destroy even the most dangerous of men! Make sure you are armed to the teeth when entering the deadly dunes.
You get:
The Brickarms Desert Storm Weapons Pack includes the following:
x1 Tan Boonie Hat
x1 Dark Tan MCH
x1 Dark Tan HAC
x1 Tan M110
x1 Tan Bipod
x1 Tan Damien Blade
x1 Tan M16
x1 Tan M16-AGL
x1 Tan Combat Knife
x1 Tan M1 Garand
x1 Tan Tactical Spy Pistol
x1 Tan M2019
x1 Tan Sawed-off Shotgun
x1 Tan P08 Luger
x2 Dark Tan MK2 Grenades
Out of Stock
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