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BrickArms Mk19 Grenade Launcher 2.5-Inch [Black]

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BrickArms are not life-size, they are designed to be used with mini figures. They do not fire and contain no moving parts.

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BrickArms are custom crafted using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools to allow for precise details, and yet still retain an artistic sculptural feel of the actual weapons.

Injection molded to the highest of tolerances, BrickArms weapons are made of durable ABS plastic.

The ultimate in explosive mounted firepower, the BrickArms Mk19 Grenade Launcher combines the accuracy and rate of fire of a belt-fed machine gun with the raw power of a grenade launcher.

Effective either tripod or vehicle-mounted, the BrickArms Mk19 Grenade Launcher is an exceptional versatile, effective weapon thanks to its light weight, low recoil, and explosive personality!


Mk19 Barrel
Mk19 Body
MK19 Pintle
Mk19 Grenade Can
Spade Grip
FULL VERSION comes with an M3 Tripod!
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