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BrickArms World War II 2.5-Inch Weapons Pack [Version 1]

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BrickArms are not life-size, they are designed to be used with mini figures. They do not fire and contain no moving parts.


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This World War II Weapon Pack includes 2 BrickArms M1 Steel Pot Helmets, 2 BrickArms Stahlhelm Helmets, 2 BrickArms Brodie Helmets, 4 BrickArms M67 Grenades, 2 BrickArms SMLE Rifles, 2 BrickArms MP40 Machine Guns, 1 BrickArms M1A1, 2 BrickArms M1 Carbine Rifles, 1 BrickArms Bazooka, 1 BrickArms M1911 Pistol, 1 BrickArms PO8 Luger, 1 BrickArms M1919 Machine Gun,1 M6 Rocket, and 1 BrickArms StG44 Rifle.
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