Chaotic Silent Sands Booster Box

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Chaotic Silent Sands Booster Box
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Following the highly successful launch of Zenith of the Hive Chaotic lines up the next set based around the invisible stalkers of the dunes the Mepidians! The strongest tribe in the game gets stronger! Don't miss out, order now! Silent Sands expansion will add 100 new cards to the game and open up countless new deck possibilities.
New Creatures, Attacks, Battlegear, Mugic & Location. Everything to good to expect out of Silent Sands. Introduce your army to the new Assimilated Danians, Warbeasts, Conjurors & Chanters creatures that make their way out of the Silent Sands. Be prepaired as Progressive Attacks & Zero-Cost Mugic attacks will render you speechless. All the while, the Mipedian Tribe Silently takes their seat of power.
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Silent Sands
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Booster Box
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