Digimon Collectible Card Game Eternal Courage Booster Pack

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Digimon Collectible Card Game Eternal Courage Booster Pack
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Digimon kicks off an all new revamped Digimon collectible card game. ToyWiz.com will have them first so order here! In Bandai's all new Digimon trading card game, players use Digimon cards to battle each other. The first player to knock his opponent's Life to 0 wins the game. Players take turns playing through 7 phases: Draw, Bring Online, Digivolve, Move, Attack, Attack Resolution, and Discard. Just like the popular TV show, players can help their Digimon digivolve into more powerful characters. Using the same digivolve order as you see on TV, In-Training Digimon digivolve into Rookie Digimon, Rookie Digimon digivolve into Champion Digimon, Champion Digimon digivolve into Ultimate Digimon, and Ultimate Digimon digivolve into Mega Digimon. Players can also play cards that feature the popular Digi-Destined characters and Crash Cards that can disrupt your opponent's strategies.
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Collectible Card Game
Eternal Courage
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Booster Pack
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