Evangelion Soul of Chogokin EVA Unit-01 Test Type Action Figure GX-14

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Evangelion Soul of Chogokin EVA Unit-01 Test Type Action Figure GX-14
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This EVA 01 Test Type figure from the Neon Genesis Evangelion video series series is a metal die cast and plastic recreation of the fabled giant bio-mechanical robot produced by the secret agency, NERV.
Imported from Japan and built by Bandai, this Soul of Chogokin toy has over 25 points of articulation, is extremely flexible and posable. This figure comes in a striking finish and is loaded with accessories.
Weapons and accessories included are:
Magoroku Sword and Counter Sword
Pallet rifle case can open and close
All 3 attach to robot's back
Sheaths for both swords
Detailed Pallet rifle and hand gun
Shoulder Bazooka
Detailed Launch style display stand
2 Sets of shoulder mounted pods, each held on magnetically
Opening compartments for missile rack and Progressive Knife
Entry Plug (pilot's capsule) can be ejected from EVA's spring loaded back
Stands just over 8 inches tall when on base. A real collector's piece.
For Age 8 and up
4.00 LBS
Soul of Chogokin
Product Type:
Action Figure
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