Green Lantern Blackest Night White Lantern Ring Prop Replica

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Green Lantern Blackest Night White Lantern Ring Prop Replica
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The first white power ring is depicted in the penultimate issue of the Blackest Night event's flagship title. It's first worn by Sinestro after he bonds himself to a creature embodying life itself known as "the Entity." The exact capabilities and limitations of white power rings are still unknown, but they have been shown as being capable of providing their bearers with the default corps abilities of flight, protective aura generation, and light construct creation.Their most notable and unique ability to date, however, is the power to restore the dead to life. The first instances of this ability were shown not by the intention of any individual, but by the power of the ring itself. Later however, Boston Brand was capable of using its power at will, to restore life to a dead baby bird. They are also shown "overriding" power rings of other colors, turning them white for a period of time.
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