Highlander Duncan MacLeod 1/6 Collectible Figure

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Highlander Duncan MacLeod 1/6 Collectible Figure
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30 points of articulation
Duncan?s dragon?s head Katana, crafted by Hideo Koto
Clan Chief Ian MacLeod?s Claymore
12? figure display base with Highlander logo

Duncan MacLeod, clansman of Connor MacLeod, is an Immortal who has lived over four hundred years. The Highlander television series follows Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul) through his modern and historical adventures and his encounters with other Immortals. Duncan discovers a secret society of Watchers, whose primary purpose is to record the stories of the Immortals, although some Watchers have taken it upon themselves to cleanse the world of the Immortals and their influence. Duncan has awkward allegiances and true friendships with other Immortals, including a younger immortal named Richie, and learns the dangers of love with mortal women. Duncan?s world is a dangerious landscape of friends, lovers, enemies, and allies, but in the end, there can be only one.
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