Holiday Announcements

Hello to all our customers! We want to thank you for supporting us again throughout this holiday season! Our warehouse is bustling and busy, and our Customer Service team wanted to go over a few announcements that may affect your order and experience with us at ToyWiz.

How to Contact Us:
Our Customer Service Team is in the office Monday- Friday from 10am-6pm EST and working as hard as possible to answer everyone’s questions! We are a small business with a small Customer Service Team, and we appreciate your patience. We strive to answer any concerns as fast as possible, and the best way to get a fast response is to use our “Contact Us” form and provide as much information as possible, including your best contact information and your order number!

Large Orders and Signature Requirement:
We do our best to ensure that larger orders are accounted for in transit. We do require a signature delivery on every order that is over $300. This helps make sure that your package gets to you, which is especially important the closer we get to the holidays. If the order is of a higher dollar amount in may need to be set Signature Required with Direct Delivery. This means the shipping address cannot be altered. UPS will only be able to delivery to the shipping address that was already submitted when you placed the order. If this is the case for your order, a member of our team will reach out to you to make sure you are aware of this and will be able to sign for the package. We ask that you please respond as soon as you can, to ensure faster processing and delivery of your order!

Because this is the busiest time of year, we may not be able to cancel your order upon request. As always, we do offer cancellations prior to shipping, but if your package has already been sent out we have no way of stopping the shipment. If you do need to cancel please use our “Contact Us” form and select 'Cancel My Entire Order' as the reason for reaching out to us. This will give you the best chance in trying to stop your order. We do, of course, offer returns as long as the items are still in the same condition as received! Please make sure that all parts of your order are correct before submitting to avoid any unnecessary hassle!

Change of address:
Along with the previous point, every so often customers will need to change their address on file. We are not able to do this currently, and ask that you please review all the information provided for the shipping address (Zip Code, Spelling, etc) prior to submitting your order!

Pre-Order and Split Shipments:
As many of our repeat customers know, “Pre-Orders” are items that are not yet available in our warehouse, and are on order from the manufacturer. The month or date listed is when the items are expected to arrive at our warehouse where they will begin to be shipped out. Please note that with pre-orders, the dates are not always guaranteed, as manufacturers hold the right to change dates at their discretion. If your order contains any pre-orders, it will may NOT ship until all items are in stock. Depending on your Payment Method we may be unable to split orders into separate shipments. If you have any questions or concerns on your existing order please us our “Contact Us” form so we can review what options are available. We may be able arrange to split the order for you. Please keep in mind, there will be a second shipping charge incurred for the remainder of the merchandise if it is possible to split.