HorrorClix Freakshow Booster Pack

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HorrorClix Freakshow Booster Pack
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Freakshow introduces HorrorClix players to the strange, twisted, and dangerous world of the creepy, traveling carnival, where unspeakable horrors await under the big top! New in Freakshow are 96 new REV sculpts with some of the best sculpting and paints in any CMG ever released! New Plot Twist cards in Freakshow affect the actions and movements of other monsters, not just victim tokens! Expansion of the Ticking Clock mechanics that now include Werewolves, Zombies and Vampires. New powers like Bloodlust, Portal, Entice, Fleshmelter, Blood Scent, Snap Shot, Teleport and Unseal, add to gameplay. Using the innovative Clix system, HorrorClix is a wicked-fun game of 3-D monster combat! Each monster features a combat dial and unique character card for unlimited game play combinations. Map, dice, and tokens not included in booster packs. A HorrorClix Starter Game is required to play. Contents: 4 pre-painted, random miniature game figures; 4 characters cards; 1 plot twist card; 1 victim token.
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Booster Pack