Holiday Shipping Map
For STANDARD delivery by HANUKKAH FIRST NIGHT - Thursday, 12/7*
Order by Monday 12/4, 11:59pm
Order by Friday 12/1, 11:59pm
Order by Thursday 11/30, 11:59pm
Order by Wednesday 11/29, 11:59pm
Order by Tuesday 11/28, 11:59pm
For RUSH delivery by HANUKKAH FIRST NIGHT - Thursday, 12/7*
Order by Monday 12/4, 11:59pm
For STANDARD delivery by Saturday, 12/23*
Order by Tuesday 12/19, 11:59pm
Order by Monday 12/18, 11:59pm
Order by Friday 12/15, 11:59pm
Order by Thursday 12/14, 11:59pm
Order by Wednesday 12/13, 11:59pm
For RUSH delivery by Saturday, 12/23*
Order by Tuesday 12/19, 11:59pm
* Please note these dates are best estimates for when you should order by and are are NOT guarantees.

How to Find an Item

Need a hand placing an order? No problem! The answer to most questions are right here!
How to Find an Item
Simply go to the search field at the top of every page and type in what you are looking for. All the matching results will come up for you and all you have to do is click on the one that most resembles what you are looking for!
How to Order
Easy! Go to the item you are interested in and click on the 'Add to Cart' button. This will put 1 of that item into your cart. If you need more than 1 of that item, you can either click that Order Button again, or you can adjust the quantities on the checkout page. When you have added all of your items to the cart, click "Checkout" at the top of the page. Then enter your shipping and billing information and proceed through the checkout process by clicking "Continue" at the bottom of the page.
Using a Coupon Code
When you reach the billing page of the checkout process, you will find a field that says Coupon or Promotional Code. Type the code there and the discount will automatically be deducted for you.
How to Calculate Shipping
To calculate shipping, just select the items you wish to purchase and proceed to the checkout page. Enter your shipping address and select your shipping speed option, then click Apply. Your shipping amount will then be added to the displayed total. You do not have to complete the payment portion of the form to view shipping charges.
International Orders
We welcome international orders! There may be special considerations when shipping overseas, so please click here to view more details about ordering from locations outside of the US.
Paying By Money Order
If you wish to pay by Money Order, please click here to print our order form, and please be sure to follow the instructions carefully.
Pre-Orders and PayPal
If the item you would like to order is marked Pre-Order, please read the following:
  • If an item is marked Pre-Order, this means that the item is not 'live' yet in our warehouse. We are waiting for it to arrive from the manufacturer.
  • The month listed as the shipping month is the most current information we have. Please note that if we are in the month of July, and the item is marked Pre-Order ships July, this means that the item has still not arrived (but should be very soon). The minute it comes in, we mark the item as New!.
  • Your credit card does not get charged until the item arrives into our warehouse and gets prepared for shipping. Please note: If you pay by PayPal, the money is automatically deducted from your account. So in essence, if you place a pre-order using PayPal you will be charged the moment you place the order, not when the item comes in. Please see below for more about paying by PayPal
  • During the busy holiday season (from Nov. 1st thru December 25th) in an effort to make sure no orders are held up due to Pre-Order merchandise, we split all orders. If you place an order for in stock merchandise and Pre-Order merchandise together, we will split the order immediately and ship out the in stock merchandise. However, please be aware there will be additional shipping charges incured when the Pre-Order merchandise comes in and has to be shipped to you. We are doing this with the customers best interest in mind. If you wish to not have your order split and are aware that it could hold up your order until possibly after the holidays, then please contact our customer service department at 845-624-1995 M-F 9am-5:30pm Est. This way you will not incur any additional shipping fees as the whole order will ship at one time.
  • If you Pre-Order multiple items, we will charge and ship each item as it comes in. This is to get you your merchandise as quickly as possible. In rare instances, pre-ordered items come in within days of each other. We promise to do our best to prevent multiple shipments. A shipping charge will be applied each time an item is shipped according to our regular shipping schedule.
  • When the Pre-Order item comes in, you will be charged a shipping & handling fee according to our shipping schedule. Your initial shipping fee will be adjusted so that it coordinates with the amount of your first shipment.
  • All release dates are subject to change by the manufacturer. We do not make the cards and toys we sell. The shipping dates listed on our site are based on the latest information that we receive directly from the manufacturers.
  • For orders shipping to International Destinationswe will hold the entire order until all the items are in stock. These orders cannot be split.
  • We reserve the right to limit quantities at any time. If an order comes in with a large quantity of a figure, toy or card we reserve the right to adjust or limit the item. This is in an effort to satisfy as many customers as we possibly can on a hot item.

If you would like to pay using PayPal, please read the following:
  • When paying by PayPal, the money is automatically deducted from your account. So in essence, if you place a Pre-Order using PayPal you will be charged the moment you place the order, not when the item comes in and gets ready to ship.
  • When paying by PayPal, we have to ship your entire order at the same time. Therefore, if you place an order that contains both in stockmerchandise and Pre-Order merchandise, we have to hold your entire order until the Pre-Order
  • When paying by PayPal, if you are looking to purchase in stockmerchandise and Pre-Order merchandise, and you want the in stock merchandise to ship right away, please place separate orders. One for the in stockmerchandise and one for the Pre-Order merchandise.
    If you have any questions regarding our 'Pre-Order'or PayPalpolicies, please contact our customer support toll free at 1-877-451-2597. M-F 10-6 Est.