Ice Age The DVD Game

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Ice Age The DVD Game
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Fun, Straightforward Game-play Ideal for Younger Audiences
All of the action takes place on a colorful board with an appropriate, icy theme. The game pieces have been modeled after the main characters from the film: Manny and Ellie (both mammoths), Diego the saber-toothed tiger, and Sid the sloth. The figures are detailed, colorful, and convincing -- certain to charm fans of the movie.
Players begin by arranging 24 tiles in a six by four grid at the center of the board. Since the tiles are shuffled and placed randomly, you'll never play through the same board twice -- each game experience is unique. Once the board is set up, it's a race to find all four of your acorns. Players take turns flipping over tiles of their choice, in search of their acorns. Be careful, though: if you flip over the wrong tile, you might awaken Rudy, a frightful dinosaur who will send you back to your starting position.

The rules of the game are straightforward, and kids should have no trouble learning how to play. If they're struggling with the written instructions, they can watch the easy-to-follow video tutorial on the DVD.

Interactive DVD Keeps Game Exciting
The entire game is played alongside the interactive DVD. With each turn you take, the DVD presents you with one of eight mini-games. Ranging from puzzles to memory tests, these mini-games are fast-paced and give the game a digital aspect. Since it requires DVD operation, this game is best played with adult supervision. This isn't too much of a concern, however: the mini-games are engaging enough to keep even adults entertained.

The DVD's production values are impressive, and the menus and music channel the spirit of the Ice Age films to the players. It is loaded with clips from all three Ice Age movies, which play periodically through the game. Parents should be mindful that the some of the scenes (particularly those featuring the antagonist, Rudy) might be a bit too intense for younger viewers. For this reason, it's recommended for ages 6 and up.

What's in the Box
DVD, game board, 24 double-sided board tiles, 5 game movers, instruction sheet.
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Board Game
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