Iron Man 3 Movie Trading Card Box

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Iron Man 3 Movie Trading Card Box
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Collect the 60 card base set featuring first-look images of Iron Man 3! Four (4) base cards in each Hobby Pack! Collect the Palladium Poisoned foil parallel of the entire base set.
Collect actor autographs and pieces of memorabilia that came directly from costumes shown in the movie! Two (2) movie memorabilia cards per box!
Look for any one (1) of the following per hobby box: actor autograph, sketch card or on-card comic book artist or writer autographs.
Chase one-of-a-kind artist sketch cards from some of the greatest comic artists in the industry!
Look for randomly inserted Hall of Armor insert cards featuring the many suits of Iron Man!
Look for Authentic 1 of 1 press plate cards!
5 Cards per Pack
24 Packs per Box.
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Upper Deck
Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 Movie
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Trading Card Box