K'NEX Super Mario 3D Land Flying Cloud Set #38528

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K'NEX Super Mario 3D Land Flying Cloud Set #38528
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Bring Super Mario to Life, as Propeller Mario Flies Through the Clouds

Featuring K'NEX's all new jump disk and launcher that allow Mario to run and jump, like he does in the game. Build Mario and use the jump launcher to enter the course. Can you find the hidden room with a coin in the back? Look out for the Tailed Goomba. Jump over him to grab the Star Medal. Use the spinning elevator platform to reach the top, then grab the Propeller Box to begin your flight. Attach Propeller Mario to the special rod arm, and fly him over the clouds. Bounce off of the mushroom platform to hit the mystery box - what did you get? Pop-up the goal flag and you've completed the course.
Design Your Own Levels

KNEXs exclusive rod and connector systems means that you can combine ALL of your Super Mario building sets to build bigger. You can also design your own levels, inspired by the games or from your own imagination. The Super Mario building sets contain all your favorite enemies from the series Goombas, Dry Bones, Thwomps, Boos, Bowser, and more. Collect all the sets to take Mario on the journey of a lifetime, smashing enemies, collecting coins, and saving the Princess along the way.
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Super Mario 3D Land
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