Living Dead Dolls Captain Bonney Exclusive Doll

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Living Dead Dolls Captain Bonney Exclusive Doll
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Living Dead Dolls are the perfect goth doll! These 10 inch cuties are as evil as they are cute!
From the twisted minds of Ed Long and Damien Glonek in collaboration with Mezco Toyz comes the most sought after collectibles series ever known to the living. This innovatively exhumed product continues to stir collectors worldwide into torch and pitchfork-wielding frenzies.
One hooked hand, one a peg she limbers, a cuthroat salt, that will shiver ye timbers. She'll rail ye on her sword in a clap of thunder, for pieces of eight she's come to plunder. So, upright seadog when captain's on deck, Or bloody Captain Bonney will rope ye neck!
The Glorious Captain Anne Bonney has been sent to Davey Jones locker 10-08-1722.
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Mezco Toyz
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