Mage Knight Unlimited Booster Pack

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Mage Knight Unlimited Booster Pack
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Mage Knight Unlimited replaces Mage Knight Rebellion as the introduction to the Mage Knight universe and game. This set uses the same fast and fun rules so the figures are fully compatible with every other Mage Knight figure. Each of the 160 different characters is mounted on a combat dial that includes all its powers and abilities?no more looking in long rulebooks or referring to charts! These pre-painted and fully assembled figures are part of a complete game that is easy for new players to grasp, but allow for sophisticated strategies. Mage Knight Unlimited contains a mix of figures from the Rebellion and Lancers sets, including 24 resculpts and 16 brand-new and beautifully sculpted Unique figures with new game stats.
Every booster box now contains one of the new Legends & Lore cards. These foil-stamped cards are written and illustrated by some of the best creators in the gaming world and explore the history of The Land.
  • 5 randomly inserted, painted, plastic figures on a combat-dial base
  • 1 randomly inserted, foil-stamped Legends & Lore card
  • 5 I.D. stickers
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