Maple Story Internet Trading Card Game Starter Deck

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Maple Story Internet Trading Card Game Starter Deck
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Wield powerful weapons, battle fierce monsters, and crush your opponent in the MapleStory iTrading Card Game (iTCG). Then load the MapleStory online game onto your computer from the bonus CD included in the Starter Set and continue your adventures online in the Maple World.
The cool part is that you can redeem the online code cards found in the MapleStory iTCG in the MapleStory online Cash Shop for access to unique quests, high-level weapons and rare pets that can be used in the online game! Theres an exclusive online code card that you can only find in MapleStory iTCG Starter Sets!
The Starter Set includes everything you need to begin your MapleStory adventure:
* 32-card deck including an online code card
* 2 character cards
* 9-card booster pack including another online code card
* Game Rules
* CD-ROM with the MapleStory online game client, iTCG searchable card database, and more!
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Wizards of the Coast
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Starter Deck
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