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Marvel 80th Anniversary Barbie Signature Mystique Exclusive Doll

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Barbie celebrates the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics with a tribute to legendary X-Men foe Mystique. This Super Villain is a mutant born with the ability to shapeshift. She deceives her enemies by mimicking the appearance and voice of any person. Mystique Barbie doll is as beguiling as the character she emulates. This collectible Barbie doll captures the Super Villain's iconic look in a white dress with a double slit and belt of skulls. Details include white gloves, boots, and the signature skull detail adorning her forehead. Mystique Barbie doll is sculpted to likeness with fierce yellow eyes, blue skin and vibrant red hair. Celebrate 80 years of action, fandom and Marvel Comics with Mystique Barbie Doll. Includes Certificate of Authenticity Colors and decorations may vary.
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