Marvel Heroes Marvel Battle Dice Starter Set

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Marvel Heroes Marvel Battle Dice Starter Set
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Battle Dice will be offered in a Starter Pack with six dice and six action figures: Captain America, Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Wolverine and two mystery figures, one from each of the following armies: X-Men, X-Men Villains, Fantastic Four and Avengers, Fantastic Four and Avengers Villains, Spider-Man and Marvel Knights, Spider-Man and Marvel Knights Villains. The Starter Pack also includes two arena cards to show where to place the figures and dice during a battle, a carrying case and an instruction booklet that includes a character breakdown of each army. Each starter pack will come complete with a miniature comic book jam-packed with storylines featuring Marvel character favorites who actually engage in playing Battle Dice.
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Marvel Heroes
Marvel Battle Dice
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Starter Set
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