Marvel Legends Elektra & Ronin Action Figure 2-Pack

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Marvel Legends Elektra & Ronin Action Figure 2-Pack
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Marvel Legends 2-Packs: Elektra & Ronin are set in 7 scale and are compatible with previous Marvel Legends releases.
This version of Elektra appears to be aesthetically superior to other action figure likenesses. Elektras costume is a sort of a bikini combined with a narrow red handkerchief. Shes equipped with a pair of sais swords. Elektra was trained to be an assassin, which eventually led her into the mercenary employ of the Kingpin. Elektra wasnt necessarily evil, although her mercenary proclivities did occasionally disagree with sensibilities of love interest Daredevil. Originally, Elektra was slain during a showdown with Bullseye.
Ronin is clad in an extremely elaborate dark green and yellow costume; hes equipped with scalloped armor plating, and a pair of katana swords. This appears to be the Clint Barton/Hawkeye version of the Ronin character; Barton assumed the identity prior to joining the New Avengers. As Ronin, Barton defers his accustomed arsenal of trick arrows in favor of an array of Japanese weaponry in which he becomes fairly proficient.
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