Mass Effect Commander Shepard 19-Inch Premium Figure

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Mass Effect Commander Shepard 19-Inch Premium Figure
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Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the Commander Shepard Premium Format figure from the acclaimed title, Mass Effect 3. Each piece is hand painted and finished, depicting the mercurial Commander Shepard with stunning attention to detail. Armed with his signature weaponry and finished with a high impact light up display base, the Commander Shepard Premium Format figure is an outstanding addition to any gamer's collection.

The Commander Shepard Premium Format Figure features:

M-8 Avenger Rifle
Omni Blade
Light Up Base
1:4 Scale
Stands Approximately 19 inches tall

Commander Shepard is a character whose future is as varied as his incarnations and those incarnations are limited only by the number of people who have inhabited his (or her) role.

Even Shepard's history is by no means a given. Was he a child of spacers who followed in his parents' footsteps? Or an Earthborn vagabond raised on the streets of the sprawling cities of the human home world? Or maybe even the sole survivor of a slaver raid that killed all of his family and friends?

No matter his history, class or talents, Shepard's various incarnations invariably converge at a few common points: He is eventually assigned to the SSV Normandy as the ships executive officer. And he is later inducted into the Citadel Council's elite special task force, The Spectres.

Beyond these commonalities, Shepard's story varies in the telling according to the choices made by each incarnation. No matter the path he chooses, though, his decisions will ultimately determine humanity's place in the galaxy.
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