Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia Bow Exclusive Action Figure

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Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia Bow Exclusive Action Figure
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Bow may be an expert marksman, but hes no Cupid -- all the magic arrows in the world wont deliver him his one true love, Adora. The first and only male character from the Princess of Power series to be created in scale with all other Masters of the Universe Classics figures has been completely re-imagined by the Four Horsemen, including bowmans wrist articulation so he can properly hold his bow and arrow. Although he does come complete with the following accessories, he is still without the key to his Princesss heart.
* Vintage and modern heads
* Interchangeable chest plates (modern and classic)
* Bow and arrow
* Removable armor
* Harp
Bow Bio
Real Name: Kyle Reccula
After wandering through Despondos for several centuries and unable to return to Eternia, Hordak and his ageless army eventually claimed Etheria as a new throne world, deposing the local monarchs and ruling the people through fear. A nobleman in Queen Angellas court, Kyle was one of many brave warriors who took up arms against the Horde invaders and joined the Great Rebellion. Nicknamed Bow due to his natural ability as an archer, each of his arrows possesses different powers and he has a magical heart that beats frantically when She-Ra is in danger. Bow is secretly in love with Princess Adora, unaware that she and She-Ra are one and the same!
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