McFarlane Toys Halo Reach Infection Action Figure 3-Pack

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McFarlane Toys Halo Reach Infection Action Figure 3-Pack
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One of the most popular Halo gametypes returns in Halo: Reach the "humans vs. zombies" mode called Infection. In this mode, one player is chosen at random to become a "zombie." Anyone then killed by the zombie joins the ranks of the undead! Halo Zombies can easily be identified by their unique sickly green armor color and their exclusive use of the close-range Covenant Energy Sword. Human players had better keep their distance and pick them off with a long-range weapon like the DMR! This special 3-pack celebrates the fun, fast-paced Infection gametype by including two Spartan Zombies facing off against a lone Spartan Human. The "last man standing" features an ODST helmet with Gold visor, Sniper and FJ/Para shoulders, UA/Base Security chest, Tactical/Trauma Kit utility, and FJ/Para knee guards. One Spartan Zombie comes with a Pilot helmet with Black visor, Collar/Breacher [R] chest with skeletal robotic arm, Jump Jet shoulder, and Grenadier knee guards. The other Zombie is equipped with a HazOp helmet with Black visor, Operator shoulders, Collar/Breacher [R] chest with skeletal robotic arm, and FJ/Para knee guards. Each Spartan Zombie is painted in "zombie green" and comes with an Energy Sword. Spartan Human has a blue & gold paint scheme and comes with a DMR.
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