McFarlane Toys Halo Reach Series 3 Noble Team 6-Pack Action Figure Set

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McFarlane Toys Halo Reach Series 3 Noble Team 6-Pack Action Figure Set
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The 2010 blockbuster video game, Halo: Reach, introduced players to the six heroic Spartans of Noble Team, the veteran combat unit assigned to defend the UNSCs military stronghold against the alien Covenant invaders.
Now, for the first time, you can get all six action figures of the main characters of Halo: Reach together in one box! This massive figure multi-pack is perfect as a holiday gift set, or for collectors who missed any of these best-selling figures.
Noble One, Spartan-259, is the leader of Noble Team, the veteran Spartan unit players join in Halo: Reach. This action figure features every
detail of his custom armor livery -- from his Commando helmet, shoulder, and chest to the Tactical/Tacpad accessory on his forearm.
Figure includes Designated Marksman Rifle and Frag Grenade.

Noble Two, Spartan-320, is the second-in-command of Noble Team and its only other original member. Our first female Spartan figure
features Kats custom armor livery --- from her Air Assault helmet and FJ/Para shoulders to her distinctive robotic arm. Figure includes her
signature weapon, the Magnum, and a Frag Grenade.

Noble Three, Spartan-266 is Noble Teams chatty, but rock-solid sniper. This figure captures every detail of Juns custom armor loadout,
from Scout helmet to Sniper shoulder to Tactical/Recon chest with camouflage hood. Figure comes with Sniper Rifle and Frag Grenade.

Noble Four, Spartan-239, the assault specialist of Noble Team, features his distinctive armor livery including EVA helmet with etched skull
visor. Figure includes Shotgun, Kukri knife, and Frag Grenade.

Noble Five, Spartan-052, the heavy weapons specialist of Noble Team, features his unique Turret and backpack.

Noble Six
The player character of Halo: Reach, represented in his default, uncustomized form. Spartan-312 is a male Spartan with Mark V [B] armor
and steel color scheme. Figure includes Assault Rifle and Frag Grenade.
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